Twisted Pony.

Don’t have time to do your hair? This is a 5 min hair do! Put a little more sass to that pony! -Twist your hair away from your face and back as if you would put it into a pony right then. Pin it with a bobby pin. -Do it to the other side. -Pull your […]

Modern Pin Curls

One day I didn’t have a cute head band to match my outfit. Don’t you hate that???? So I thought, why not make a cute little thing on the side of my head with my hair? So I did! this is another hair do that I do often and get, “How do you do that?” […]

White Balance

White Balance was one of my BIGGEST problems that I struggled with in the beginning of my photography. White balance can throw off your exposure too if your not careful. Mastering your white balance is a necessity for being a good photographer. You can under expose or over expose your pictures, due to the white […]


Get your FREE P4 Rainbow Ruched Design for One week only or until 60 are downloaded!!!! You MUST have a Pro Photo 4 Blog for this design to work! Use the $10 off Code: MYOU1649 *Don’t forget the MATCHING BRANDING KIT to complete your look, for sale now in the Dear Emmie Store! Preview the […]

Bliss FREE Dear Emmie Action!

YUP!  You heard me right!!! I am giving away a new free b!!! My Bliss Color Popping action. Here is what I did to this picture: I played the Bliss Action. Adjusted the Contrast to 68% and Light to 35%. Played the detail pop. {Don’t worry, it makes the skin look nasty. We fix that […]

Pro Photo 4 is coming.

I know you can’t even wait right???? Here is a peek at one of the pro photo 4 templates I am working on! Check it out live I promise I am going to be better about keeping up on this blog! More design inspiration, recipes, and my daily journal entries. Trust me they are worth […]

Out of town. August 11th-15th.

Well hopefully I’ll be back from vacation! I am going out of town to do a Relay race from Logan Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming. I am planning on dying, but if for some reason I do make it home here is when you can expect to receive your purchases’ from my store if you […]

Dear Emmie aka Mindy Young Photography.

Today is a bitter sweet moment for me! My business is getting a whole new makeover!!!! Please O please book mark this blog and my facebook page to get all the latest and greatest! I am sad to officially be stopping the photography side in my business. I have LOVED Learning and growing so much in […]