After a long thought, prayer filled, decision. I have decided that I need a detox of Business, Emails, Social media and I need to focus on my family. I will still be keeping my design store available on pro photo and just a few items in my personal design store, like: Branding bundles, Actions, Papers, and Frames. I will be getting rid of the Logos! Which are 50% off for the next 2 days (or until Tuesday the 4th) Grab em if you want them! Wednesday will be TOO LATE!

ENTER: byebye50 at check out go here to view logos:

So for the most part, I am getting rid of any products that take my time right now. I will postpone adding any new blogs to pro photo also. I will only have my current designs available for purchase.

I will be answering emails. But only for those who have questions about a design they wish to purchase or have purchased from me. Sorry if you have other questions.

**** For those of you who have booked photo sessions: I will still finish out the sessions for this year that are ALREADY booked. I will not be booking any more sessions as of today.

I am an all or nothing kind of person. I have had confirmation that the good lord will support this decision to step away from my business. I have been battling with health problems lately and have pin pointed what is the source of the problems and needs to go, which is the stress that comes from being a business owner trying to balance being a good wife, mother, house keeper, and friend. The stress of being a successful business woman and a loving, kind, focused, mom is just too over bearing for me personally. Hats off to all of you who have found the balance! I admire all of you! It hit me really hard as of late. I realize I spend more time on my computer, phone, and emails and when I finally get time with my family, I am ornery, tired, and I don’t give them my 100% attention, plus I get major head aches and I think I am coming down with carpal tunnel in my wrists from all the computer work this business requires. Man do I sound like a sob story or what?

Any how, I want my children to remember me always wanting to BE with them and LISTENING to them. That NOTHING in the world is more important than them…. besides their father of corse, but NOTHING else! In a world as scary as today, I have come to realize how much our children need us as fully focused mothers. It is SO easy to become too distracted, at least for me. This is the hardest decision I have had to make in my life. Especially because it is SUCH a HUGE blessing to have this business. But the blessing of being the mother I dream of being is an even BIGGER BLESSING. I feel it is time to say good bye.

I want to thank you all for your support, emails, comments, and for Loving Dear Emmie! I absolutely love designing and hope one day to share my designs with you again!

Mindy Young / Owner of Dear Emmie Designs.