Volume up your hair!

Are you having too many bad hair days? Is your hair flat, boring, and driving you crazy? GOOD NEWS! You have come to an awesome tutorial that will help you get that volume back into your hair! Scroll down to view the tips I share that helps me get volume into my hair. Step 1. […]

Wavy hair.

I did a tutorial on this a while back and realized it didn’t transfer to my new dear emmie blog. So here is another before and after of my wavy hair. 1. Start with flat ironed hair. I have super curly hair. This is the best way for me to get wave or it curls […]

The glass half full.

This week I started my 12-13 week of pregnancy. I woke up early Tuesday morning with slight bleeding. I freaked out just a bit, because obviously bleeding during pregnancy is not a normal thing, at least not for me. Three kids healthy and just about perfect pregnancies, I felt something was not exactly right. Especially […]

Q & A

Q: Do you do custom Blogs or Logos? A: Sorry, I am not accepting any more custom work. I have pre made designs ONLY. You can see my blogs and my pre made elements for sale in my personal store at the top of this website under “Shoppe” and “Blog Templates”. Q: Are you taking […]

Terms & Conditions

These products are for limited commercial use. This means for your own personal business being sold in flattened jpeg form to paying customers. Please do not claim these as your own and sell them as a layered file to anyone in any way other than FLATTENED! YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OF MY DESIGNS IF […]

Pro Photo 4 is coming.

I know you can’t even wait right???? Here is a peek at one of the pro photo 4 templates I am working on! Check it out live I promise I am going to be better about keeping up on this blog! More design inspiration, recipes, and my daily journal entries. Trust me they are worth […]

Out of town. August 11th-15th.

Well hopefully I’ll be back from vacation! I am going out of town to do a Relay race from Logan Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming. I am planning on dying, but if for some reason I do make it home here is when you can expect to receive your purchases’ from my store if you […]

Lottie Pro Photo 5 Add on Design

*YOU MUST HAVE A PRO PHOTO 5 BLOG in order to use this Design! Dear Emmie Design Lottie is Girly, Clean, Fresh, and fun. This design was made to inform your clients very well to eliminate emails with lots of questions! Set up your pages to connect to lots of information on exactly what you […]