YUP! You heard me right!!! I am giving away a new free b!!! My Bliss Color Popping action. Here is what I did to this picture:

I played the Bliss Action. Adjusted the Contrast to 68% and Light to 35%.

Played the detail pop. {Don’t worry, it makes the skin look nasty. We fix that in the next step.}

Flatten the picture by going up to the top of photoshop and selecting Layer>Flatten image. Make sure that your photo is exactly lit and contrasted to howyou like it. You won’t be able to re-do it! If you don’t flatten it before playing the powder room you will have to move the Contrast, light, and back ground copy, to the bottom under the powder room layers.

Played Coffee Shop’s Powder Room 2 action. Touched up the skin on 100% opacity on her cheeks, forehead, neck and arms.

I also used the eye define on her eyes and lips, that action also is in the Coffee Shop action when you play it.

Then I cropped it to get her more in focus.

Then Burned the edges on about 40% on the left side mainly in this photo. {It had more light.}

Done-ski! There you have it! Enjoy the Free B! Love all of you! DOWN LOAD THE FREE BLISS ACTION HERE!!!!!