This is one of the most important elements in my opinion, that you can learn about your camera and lens! Your f/stop is what gives your photo character and the mood you want for your photo! I personally shoot with a Low f-stop most of the time. When you have a 50 1.2L, you just can’t help it! The lens is my baby and my fave. So do I sound like I am speaking another language? That is ok! It takes a bit of practice, but once you get it, you WILL GET it!

When you use a smaller (it’s really larger in fractions) but, when you use a smaller f/stop it makes the photo blurrier. NOTE: the smaller the number, the more light you are allowing your sensor to have. So you will need a SUPER fast shutter speed depending on the light. The lower the lighting situations, the better it is to shoot in a lower f/stop, hence: your letting in more light.

The higher your f/stop (it’s really smaller in fractions) the LESS blur you are going to get in your photo. To do this, you will need LOTS of light the higher you go! So you will want to Slow down the Shutter speed. When you slow down the shutter speed, you are letting in more light to your photo. Think of it this way. If you have 1 person, usually the lower your f/stop, when you add more people, you want to add more f/stop to get MORE in focus.