Loved this session. It was quite entertaining…..

I ALWAYS ask for permission to shoot on locations of private property. Just so happens that at this beautiful place, the people who owned it where not home. I am a rule follower as long as it doesn’t have pretty fuzzy flowers and an awesome old shed. I was DYING to take pictures here. I couldn’t just find somewhere else, the light was going fast and I just didn’t have time to find somewhere new. My vision would have been lost. So I was selfish and thought. Ah, what’s one time? Right? I felt like I was streaking on national television, the way my adrenaline was going.

So we started shooting. Right at the end of the shoot, a lady in a car pulls up. She could have been my grandma, if it wasn’t for her loud yelling and fist throwing she was doing. I just swear she was practicing the wicked witch for halloween. She totally would rock it. Boy, was I wrong. She was REALLY mad. I am just glad I didn’t give her a heart attack.

She told me that I needed to leave immediately. That I should not have been on her property {aka. weeds and long grass that looks as if it has never been tended to.} And asked me who I thought I was, TRESPASSING. I told her I knocked and no one answered. She yelled back, “WELL THEN YOU DON’T DO IT! She told me that I would learn from this lesson that she was yelling at me….. I politely apologized and explained we were only taking pictures, and I was sorry. We took off running, hopped in my Trail blazer and zoomed off. WHEW.

I really did feel horrible for trespassing….. Really. I am sorry old woman, but I’m not going to lie and break the rules any more, IT WAS WORTH IT!