One day I didn’t have a cute head band to match my outfit. Don’t you hate that???? So I thought, why not make a cute little thing on the side of my head with my hair? So I did! this is another hair do that I do often and get, “How do you do that?” All the time. It’s simple and you can wear it with your hair up or down.

All you have to do is:

-Wrap your hair in a circle and pin! Then continue wrapping your hair in a circle until you get to the end and pin it.

-In the photos below, I used 3 strands of hair. You can do however many you want. That is just what I was feeling for the day. With my crazy curly hair.

-You can also pull your hair back in a messy bun for another cute look.

My hair was super curly this day I did it. I usually do this with my hair straight so you can see the curls better. Works either way though!

Happy Pinning!