Q: Do you do custom Blogs or Logos?

A: Sorry, I am not accepting any more custom work. I have pre made designs ONLY. You can see my blogs and my pre made elements for sale in my personal store at the top of this website under “Shoppe” and “Blog Templates”.

Q: Are you taking photography sessions?

A: No, Sorry. I am focusing on Design work at the moment.

Q: How the heck do I use a clipping mask?

A: great tutorial here

Q: I placed an order and have not received it yet? How come?

A: When you pay with pay pal, the system automatically sends all downloads to the pay pal email address. Make sure to contact Me if you need it sent to another email address.

Q: Do your Blog Templates work for any blog?

A: NO, I am a pro photo designer only. My templates will only work with pro photo templates.

If you don’t see your question here, shoot me an email! If you email me asking one of the following questions, more than likely you will NOT get a response. I am limited in my time and have lots of emails to tend to! Thank you for your patience!