Are you having too many bad hair days? Is your hair flat, boring, and driving you crazy? GOOD NEWS! You have come to an awesome tutorial that will help you get that volume back into your hair! Scroll down to view the tips I share that helps me get volume into my hair.

Step 1. Start by washing your hair. Use a Volume Shampoo and Conditioner like Redken. LOVE that stuff.

Step 2. DON’T USE LOTS OF PRODUCT! PRODUCT weighs your hair down. You want to make sure you use simple and quick products that will help your hair but not hurt it. LESS IS MORE. In the final picture above I don’t even have hair spray in my hair! You can get volume without having to cake your hair in sprays that will weigh your hair down. I love using this heat protectant on my hair:

Put 4 squirts of this baby in your hand, then work it into your wet hair.

Step 3. Turn your head LITERALLY upside down. (don’t get light headed or anything) Just whip your hair over and blow dry your hair upside down. This helps lift the roots of your hair!

*Don’t forget to use your “COLD” button. This helps shrink your hair cuticle and makes it so your hair shines and stays healthy. It also helps with frizz if you have curly hair like me.

Step 4. You should look like a literal “Lion” when done! My kids call me simba. Get ready to curl that mane down:

I LOVE this CONAIR cheapo curling iron. I have used it since I was in 6th grade! It is only $8.29 at your local Target. I get 100′s of people asking me how I curl my hair. It is all in this iron. I have used others, they just don’t compete with this one. The size and heat this one puts out, makes magic in my hair.

Start by sectioning off 1/2 your hair. Then opening the curling iron at the root of your hair strand at your head. I clamp the hair, then drag it to the end to semi “Straighten” my hair, then twist your wrist right at the end to curl the ends. Or you could say a “C” motion starting at the root. In this image below, you can see how I straighten my hair around my neck and try to keep it pretty straight around my face. Then curl it a bit more around the back.

Step 5. After completing all your hair, it should look like this with mega volume, no hairspray, and bouncy locks