White Balance was one of my BIGGEST problems that I struggled with in the beginning of my photography. White balance can throw off your exposure too if your not careful. Mastering your white balance is a necessity for being a good photographer. You can under expose or over expose your pictures, due to the white balance being off. As you can see above, The picture is underexposed, or wait……. was it the white balance? The next picture posted in the middle, is the same picture with the white balance fixed. You can see how it looks like it is well exposed now. All I did was change the white balance in this photo.

The bottom photo looks as if it is over exposed, and yellow. That is because I made the White balance too warm when fixing the white balance. The key here is that I did nothing to them to alter the exposure. It was only the white balance. This is HUGE if you are a wedding photographer. Those white and cream dresses tend to get hot and blown out if your white balance is not correct. So the question is how do I get this straight out of the camera so you will not have to do major photoshop later?

I use my EXPO disc.  This is a disc you simply place in front of your camera lens. You take a picture and then use your Custom WB settings in your camera. Make sure your camera allows you to do custom WB before buying this disc. Some basic beginner cameras don’t allow for custom WB.

Or you can use a grey card. Grey cards can be as simple as a paint sample at your local hardware store, to extensive ones you can buy online. You have to be careful with those though. Make sure they are not too warm or cool colors of grey. That will effect the warmth and coolness it adds to your pictures. I personally LOVE the EXPO disc. It is always spot on.

If you can’t afford to get a wb corrector. The paint card is a simple fix for you. Or you can simply learn Kelvin Temperatures. This will help you to understand what temperatures you need to set your camera’s WB to. It can get a little tricky sometimes depending on your lighting situations.

I swear by the Expo disc. It corrects even the tricky light. Like maybe getting a reflected color cast from say a red brick wall on someone’s face. It does the trick! I promise if you get your WB correct. You will have an easier time with exposure and getting it right in the camera so you will have to do less editing! Which we all would love right?;)

Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!